A Series of Brief Apologies to College Flings

As I have struggled in the past with legitimate apologies, this is an exercise in admitting and letting go.

So, I apologize that I insisted that we make out even though Craig was asleep in the floor next to us. I’m also sorry that I called you in the middle of a movie because I wanted to make out. I’m sure that it was completely tactless to phone you at a time when getting phoned is strictly prohibited, but I had an agenda, and it just seemed to me that calling you was the most valid option. I’m even more sorry that in trying to save social decorum that I allowed Craig to come in and watch that movie with us. I think we both knew that neither of us was interested in that movie, and considering how fast he fell asleep in the floor, he probably wasn’t either. So much wasted time. So tactless.

For you, I’m sorry about Cinco de Mayo. That was really awkward wasn’t it? I had my eye on you all night, and you seemed like you wanted nothing to do with me. Then our friends kept matching us up together, even if it was out of malice and boredom, but I thought it was really great! Then you got mad and left, and I explained that I just thought you were super attractive and that I wanted to kiss you. So then we made out for a little bit, and that was cool. I’m sorry that I jumped in that pool after you, mostly because I scraped up my knees pretty badly that night; someone should have told me the pool was three feet deep. I’m sorry you deleted me off Facebook in a record seven hours after the initial making out. I’m sorry that I didn’t know you had a boyfriend, and I’m even more sorry that your boyfriend decided to confront me about the whole issue the night before graduation. Talk about walking into that one blind.

And to you, I’m sorry that you somehow misconstrued that pop kiss as the full blown sexual assault that you seemed to tell everyone else about. I suppose I should have seen it coming, considering that ginger mane that went relatively unkempt for most of the time that we hung out. Furthermore, I am more sorry that I had to find out that you not only told my peers, but my professor, which I just recently found out about when I had dinner with him. I apologize that he didn’t like you too much, either. And lastly, I apologize for the first time that you have sex because I imagine that it will be a terrorist level red assault on your personal psyche.

For you, I’m really, really sorry that I fell asleep. Seriously, if there’s one apology that might garner some kind of sincerity throughout this entire thing, it’s yours. I suppose I was just tired or something, but I just passed out there, didn’t I? I know that one day, we’ll probably laugh about all of this, probably me sooner than you, but at the end of the day, I think we can both agree that it’s probably more of a slight against my character than it is yours. If you remember, during season two of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina fell asleep when she was making sweet love to Dr. Preston Burke, and they ended up getting married! …um, kind of. They were going to get married, then Burke left and that fantastic Ingrid Michaelson song played, and, well… maybe that wasn’t the best comparison.

You were a really fantastic individual, and I came to the conclusion early that I was “the guy who won’t get no love from you” or better known as a scrub to Destiny’s Child, but in the moments that we were… um… intimate… I was always reconfused when you would invite me on dates with you and your boyfriend. But because I was more in love than a passionate Barbara Streisand song, I played along because that was more fun than watching more episodes of Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights. And they weren’t all bad; remember that one time we all went to the club and I ended up making out with someone from Newport on the dance floor? That was pretty neat!  I’m sorry that you invited your boyfriend everywhere, and I’m sorry that he was kind of rotund. I’m not hating against rotund people; I myself was quite rotund at one point in my life.

To you, I’m sorry I started crying like that. It was a really emotional time, and I don’t want to talk about it. Just know I’m super sorry.

I’m sorry that I never wanted to be in a relationship. Like, seriously. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I spent a year apologizing for that, and I suppose I’m sorry that preempted that super awkward make out sesh with an episode of Glee. It seems like TV plays a really big role in my life, and it was at that point when Glee was really motivational, and it all seemed like the right thing to do. Sometimes I think back on that evening, and I wonder if I misled you with the promise of a simple Glee episode in nothing more, but then there was the chemistry and the seemingly surface level commonalities, and one thing led to another. I apologize for not being a cuddler; I was as surprised as you. Being as emotional as I am, I really thought I would be more into that, but it really just made me sleepy, and I like sleeping by myself. But most of all, I’m sorry that you made me get rid of that Love and Other Drugs poster. I really liked Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Even though we were never a fling, I’m really sorry for all those awkward advances on spring break. I’m even more sorry that you thought that bringing a six pack of Smirnoff Ice Grape was an acceptable choice for an alcoholic beverage. I’m even, even more sorry that you demonstrated what you could do with a Smirnoff Ice bottle in front of the entire room. I’m sorry that I didn’t stop you from going on a walk with Hayden, and I apologize that it took so long to find you… however, let me explain. There was some guy on the steps that night, and I had to pick him up and carry him to his room because if I didn’t, he was going to have the worst neck cramp in the world the next day. I’m also sorry that you were able to identify Ralph Lauren pants so well; what an embarrassing skill to have.


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