Eight Reasons That I Don’t Want To Get Married Right Now

I love marriage. It’s precious and beautiful and all those other really sweet words that people like to put in their vows. I look forward to the day that I find someone to spend the rest of my life with because isn’t that all what we’re looking for in the long run? We want that person that will stick with us through everything because the idea itself is a marvel, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. There are days that I wake up and don’t like myself, so to know that there could be someone out there that wakes up beside me and regularly sees something inside of me that I don’t even see myself… that’s amazing.
But, for now, I’d just like that in the “living in sin” sense. Give me someone to wake up with, sure, but I’m not interested in making it official quite yet. This past summer was full of marriages, and let me tell you… the horse is dead. You all killed it; you beat it with a stick, stuck it in a photo booth with a fedora, fake mustache, and glasses with no lenses, pulled it out, made it do the cha cha slide for an unprecedented four times, shoved red velvet cake in its face, then turned it to glue so that you could finish your latest Pinterest project. That poor, poor horse.

8. None of my friends can afford to get me the wedding presents I want.
I’ve seen you people. Everybody wants to go out, but no one wants to drive because we don’t have any gas. And I can see it… I’ll be asking for a flatscreen TV or something equally awesome, and your ass is going to roll up at my wedding with a set of coasters. I don’t want your coasters right now because you’ll be able to say Oh, well. You know things are tight for me right now. I want to wait until you have a good job with a lot of moneys… then I want to hear your excuses. The longer I wait, the nicer the presents I will get. In my opinion, weddings are not about solidifying my love for someone in front of all of my friends. If I haven’t done that on a daily basis, then I have no business getting married. Weddings are for presents. The end.

7. I don’t have any neat ideas for hipster wedding pictures.
I’m just going to go ahead and get it out there: I’m not on Pinterest. I like the idea of being super crafty, but I’m still cleaning up a glue gun mess from when I was seven. So for the safety of everyone in my life, it’s really best if I don’t try getting creative at my own hand. But that leaves me with everyone else’s ideas. Cropped pictures in sepia of a girl walking around in casual clothing inside of a barn or pastoral setting. That’s pretty much where I grew up, and to me, there’s not really any unique, quaint sentiment that comes along with it. So, I’m going to wait until something else becomes popular… preferably painted family portraits. Put that in the newspaper and on your save the date. Paint me acrylic or paint me single.

6. You don’t have to be married to have babies.
As many of you probably saw on Facebook, I’m expecting. It’s true. After giving it some thought and realizing that I’ve become pretty good at feeding myself, Andrew and I have decided to bring another animal besides Ben into our home. If I have my way, it will be a little boy named Chico. He’s four months old, and he’s been caged for about a week now. I will walk around with him and refer to myself as “the man.” If I can take care of a cat for at least a year without killing it, then maybe I’ll entertain the idea of welcoming a human into my home. From what I hear, people that get married get bored after awhile… and when the sex gets predictable, they have kids. Even if I get bored in my twenties, I’m assuming that it’s pretty easy to get a baby. People leave them at the park down the road from my apartment all the time. You don’t need a spouse to have a baby when you have a nursery next to the basketball court.

5. I haven’t had a successful relationship in… oh yeah. Awkward.
My longest relationship that I’ve had last six years, and now she’s married, so that’s over. Thanks, Kasi. But even when we were Bo and Hope from Days of Our Lives, our entire relationship was a roller coaster and a half. The last relationship I was in was nursed by too many indie record songs to count. I’m just not too good at making these things last too long, and that’s frustrating, so I’m going to assume that without some further practice, I’m probably going to crash and burn… but with a license and a family attorney. I don’t have a super athletic-like day then sign up for a 5K… the same theory applies.

4. I haven’t met anyone with a super cool last name.
I know, I know. I’m a boy. But listen to me for a minute. You should never pass up an opportunity to upgrade if given the opportunity to, so I’m going to keep my options open. I have a pretty hard last name to beat. Not only is Kirkland a pretty strong name, but it also is the name of a pretty cool furniture store, and it allows me to have my initials be JK. I have a pretty sweet deal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a sweeter deal out there. Don’t waste what really conservative folks say is the only marriage you’ll ever have by getting a shitty last name or keeping the shitty last name you have. Don’t waste an excellent opportunity to improve your drivers license by careless 20-something mistakes.

3. In 44 states, I’m limited to only a 50% selection of who I can marry.
I like my options. If I go to Burger King, I expect to be able to get chicken or a burger. And yeah, it’s nice that I have the option, but what happens when someone who can’t eat beef shows up and all the chicken is gone. It’s stupid and wrong and an ugly, ugly idea to even consider. So, if everyone isn’t allowed to get married, then I don’t really care to get married either. Getting married seems like purposefully overdressing for a party…  I get it. You have nice clothes, but there’s people here who don’t. I guess for me, marriage doesn’t make a lot of sense if it’s only available for a certain group of people. And it’s not like it’s a crazy assertion to let two consenting adults pay their taxes together and have power of attorney… it’s not like I’m trying to marry Chico (which would be a double hit, because he’s a cat and a dude). If I find a dude and hit it off, and he doesn’t want to watch sports when Grey’s Anatomy is one then (gay)me on.

2. Even if it’s without consent, I have someone to snuggle with anytime I want.
I forgot to put that I do this in my online roommate profile, but Andrew has quickly found out that more times than not, I’m going to corner him and then nuzzle against him for about thirty seconds or so until I get my physical-interaction-fix. I agree that it’s important to have a physical interaction with someone, but I’m going to get a little liberal and say… you don’t need a ring on your finger to do that. And I’m lucky because he doesn’t try and escape me that often. And when I’m done, he listens to me complain and celebrate my life. Maybe it’s a little too I Love You, Man for your taste, but I don’t think it’s particularly important to solidify a spouse early on as a source of love and support. Call me lucky, but I have a pretty great support system that I never have feel obligated to buy dinner for, and having him around is practice so that I can see what drives people so crazy that they don’t want to be around me anymore.

1. I just recently realized that I have no idea who the $&#^ I am.
I mean, yes, there’s a base. All of the stories I’ve written on this blog are evidence of that. But when you’re 22 years old and move away from home and know not a single person, you really start having to look really hard at yourself. I came out of eighteen years of living with my parents followed by four years of living on a college campus. Then, you’re thrust out into the world and you start proving to yourself who you really can be. And I guess you could argue that you’re going to be changing forever, and I suppose you’re right. I’m going to maybe be self-absorbed in saying this, but I think that right now is our time. This is your chance to figure out why you are you. And people say, we can grow together, but I want to share my life with someone… not forge it into one. My biggest fear is to look at someone that I love one day and realize that I didn’t give them the time to become their own person and know that we have grown apart.


One thought on “Eight Reasons That I Don’t Want To Get Married Right Now

  1. By the time you catch up with the marriages (which, hey, could be only in a year or two) divorce will probably be the new black… or babies… or babies and divorce.

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